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Winner of the Albert Heijn x R*AW pitch (June 2023)


Kiezen en Delen

Brief: We Are RA*W x Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn, a leading supermarket chain in the Netherlands, has posed a challenge to the participants at RA*W: devise a strategy to boost the sales of plant-based products.

Our idea:  Depolarize meat vs plant-based.

We believe that enjoying meat and plant-based products doesn’t have to be an either/or choice. It is indeed possible to harmoniously integrate both meat and plant-based products into our diets. 

Execution: 1+1 Gratis.

We're tapping into Albert Heijn's beloved 1+1 Gratis deals. With every animal-based item bought, we're giving away a plant-based product "gratis". This targets flexitarians who are open to eating plantbased but hesitant to buy the products

The campaign slogan "Kiezen en Delen" (choose and share) plays on the Dutch saying "Kiezen of Delen" which means "choosing either this or that." This twist encourages people to enjoy a variety of foods, whether it's meat, plants, or both. It's all about bringing people together, breaking down barriers and celebrating our food choices.


In app roulette

Within the Albert Heijn app, we proposed a roulette wheel to both engage the shopper and influence an integrated diet. The wheel encourages users to choose plant based eating throughout their day, reminding them of the small changes they can make without drastically affecting their normal diet. 

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp 2.png

Kiezen en Delen

Art Direction + Copy Writing

Me + Quynh (Stephanie) Bui

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