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Promotional materials, Social Media, Web development


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Video Editing 


Los Angeles, California



Currently in charge of all creative responsibilities surrounding the Bouverat Collective brand. This includes running Bouverat Collective’s Instagram, posting two stills and video per week, managing and updating the BC website, curating newsletters, assisting in the creation of treatments, and creating additional visual assets for the artists. 


Promotional Zine 

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Created a promotional zine to be printed for a collaborative industry event hosted by four Artist Representatives. Curated work by each of the artists to communicate not only their talent, but also their unique voice and character. The purpose of this zine is to introduce BC artists and serve as a look book for industry producers and creatives for their future projects.

Web Design

Web design and curation for Bouverat Collective's new homepage aiming to highlight the collective's directors.

Graphic Design, Art Direction

Social Media

A series of 3 videos highlighting the genres of the Bouverat Collective photographers and directors.

Video editing, Art Direction

Web Assets

Reel for the Bouverat Collective's redesigned homepage featuring the Collective's directors and photographers.

Video Editing

Social Media

Video editing, Art Direction

Reels were posted once a week on Bouverat Collective's social media to highlight different artist's new work. On occasion videos will be made to introduce a new artist, usher in the holidays, or to reintroduce all the Collective's unique artists. 

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