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The Critics Were Wrong!

You have put off watching this Academy-Award winning film for years, but finally, you pop your popcorn, dim the lights, and two hours later you are frozen in disbelief, thinking, “This deserves an Oscar”? ​

In your quest to determine whether you are alone in your opinion, you log onto Letterboxd to uncover the unfiltered truth from fellow movie lovers. And just like that, you are redeemed. Alongside the reviews of praise are those of like minded members who thought the film was…interesting. The hilarious takes confirm your notion that the critics had it wrong in giving the film an Oscar. 

​In this sarcastic social campaign, Letterboxd highlights the particularly bad reviews on highly-acclaimed films left by the actual audience. We are all movie critics, ensuring more honest ratings.

The Critics Were Wrong

AD: Me

CW: Dylan Leach + Me

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