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Uber Eats

We all have reasons for ordering in

We all have reasons for ordering in. Whether it’s an “I haven’t showered in days but I’m starving” order, eat-your-feelings binge meal, or an “I’m too lazy to walk the two blocks for take out” kinda night, Uber Eats has got your back.

And we think it’s time to embrace the honest and most realistic sides of ourselves to let people everywhere know that they are not alone. So tell us why you are ordering in today. 

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UberEats X Lizzo

A modern day icon, wherever Lizzo goes millions follow.

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Lizzo's After Dinner After Party

Because we think every party, deserves an after party. Have the time of your life at a fans only exclusive event and then order UberEats to be delivered right as you arrive home. After a full night of singing and dancing to “Good As Hell”, you are guaranteed to have the munchies.

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More Lizzo Please!

And don’t forget about Lizzo’s loungewear line, Yitty. Enjoy an entire night in sporting some cozy threads and dinner delivered right to your door! Get 15% off UberEats order with your next Yitty purchase.

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Cards Against Humanity- The Hangry Pack

The party doesn't have to stop when you finish your food. We're introducing a limited edition game in collaboration with Cards Against Humanity, The Hangry Pack. This card game is sure to spice up any dinner party.

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AD: Me

CW: Dylan Leach + Me

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